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When England saw struggles converge under the snow , by Thomas B. Reverdy

"The Winter of Discontent": this is the phrase borrowed from Shakespeare's "Richard III" that Larry Lamb, columnist for the "Sun", referred to the great British strikes of the winter of 1978, when the establishment of a cap on the wage increase threw dockers, truckers, auto workers, postal officials into the streets.Of course, all were accused of taking "people hostage", and their protests presented as illiterate whims by notoriously overpaid gentlemen in ties who came on TV to denigrate the trade unionists.But the discontented are holding on.

On January 3, 1979, from London to Liverpool, where the undertakers also stop working, everything stops.Convergence of struggles under the snow.Pedestrians by the thousands open their houses and lend a sofa.Bosses and politicians get angry They will call in the army if this continues.

And she observes all that, Candice, young heroine of this novel à la Ken Loach, the lords, the judges, "the people who know, and even those of the left", the full with aces who make the moral to the workers and to all those who toil for not enough.An iron stranger is on the alert, who wants to repair England: "No more dreaming," she said.

The Winter of Discontent, by Thomas B.Reverdy, Flammarion, 215 p., 18 euros.

Goncourt Prize 2018: the 2nd selection

Extract from "The Winter of Discontent"

It was a strange time and, by September, after pretending to hang around a bit, summer had indeed raged somewhere in southern Europe, leaving the rain and the changing winds.caress the disgusting facades of a London that never ceased to emerge from the war and the smog of the factories on the Thames.

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