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The romance between "Donald" and "Emmanuel" reaches a new milestone

International economics specialist, formerly of rue d'Ulm and ENA, Jean-Fran├žois Boittin led the French teams during the Uruguay Round negotiations, until the creation of the WTO, then led the economic teams of the French embassies in Washington and Berlin.Based in Washington, consultant, collaborator of CEPII, he regularly analyzes for "the Obs" the international decisions taken by Donald Trump.

Who would've believed that ? With the election of Donald Trump, the America First champion, the man with the "Make America Great Again" cap, the French living in the United States, without fearing an assimilation to Mexicans or Hispanics, feared a return to the bad days of the "freedom fries" of Congress, of the "stinky cheese eaters" of the "The Simpsons" cartoons, of the tricolor flags that the Sofitels cautiously removed and the evil looks from the neighbor at the table who spotted a citizen of old Europe .

An extraordinary relationship

And the opposite is true.President Trump is full of praise for his French colleague.The latter's talent must be recognized, who, in two acts, succeeded in building an extraordinary relationship with a man who works a lot on affect.Not obvious given the respective backgrounds: the little guy from Queens, the 9-3 from New York, shunned by the 1% of Manhattan, reality TV star of a side, on the other a philosopher (word which will never appear in the presidential tweets, too complicated, and then what is it?), a pure creation of the French elitist system.

Posted Date: 2021-03-15

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